St Louis Car Accident Attorney

For the millions of drivers who take I-70 across America, the sight of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis can symbolize a halfway point or an entrance to the true Midwest of America.

It’s almost hard to avoid St. Louis when traveling across the country, and for that reason hundreds of thousands of vehicles end up on the Mark Twain Expressway as I-70 cuts around the city. Locals often use I-55 to cross the mighty Mississippi. Still others hop on I-64 to enter midtown, where Market Street and Washington Avenue are two of the more popular streets.

Many people find St. Louis a delightful place to stop and spend the night as they head west to Yosemite or the Rockies. That steady flow of tourist traffic can make the roads in and around St. Louis hazardous at times. Another factor that can produce ideal conditions for an accident, unfortunately, is the capricious Midwestern weather. Winters are harsh, with snow and ice covering St. Louis’ roads, and summers can bring fierce storms and tornadoes, further complicating driving.

It’s not as if a tornado will pick up your vehicle and fling it, but the aftermath of a tornado often leaves St. Louis’ roads with all sorts of dangerous objects on the pavement. Sudden swerves have caused more than a few accidents after storms in the region.

Whether you are in a group of cars sprinting out of gridlock at rush hour or find yourself in a huge queue of vehicles downtown, you can easily end up in a perfect storm for an accident. If you live in or near St. Louis and are involved in a vehicle accident, be sure to engage legal representation, even if you think that you do not need it.

People naively assume that drivers who admit fault at the scene of an accident will hold to their stance as the insurance companies settle. When they find out how much their premiums will rise, or remember how much their deductible is, their stories magically change and all of the sudden you are the driver at fault. You can end up in court in the blink of an eye, with the accident narrative hardly resembling reality. Rather than a simple payout from the other driver’s insurance company, you are suddenly defending yourself.

In that case, you might rely on what you’ve learned from television shows and believe that you can defend yourself well. That would be a huge mistake. It’s much wiser to contact a St. Louis car accident lawyer to represent you before a judge. Citizens who represent themselves in court are routinely outmaneuvered by opposing lawyers. These lawyers know judges’ temperaments, legal precedent and the history of similar accident cases in St. Louis and surrounding counties. If you represent yourself, you could quickly find yourself on the bad end of a judgment, having to pay money, not receive it in compensation.

That’s why it’s smart to let the pros do their job and prepare a case for you in court. A small investment in a St. Louis car accident attorney can reap huge benefits, with compensation many times over what you pay for a good lawyer.

In addition, contacting a personal injury lawyer is important even if you feel “fine” after your accident and doubt that you have any injuries as a result of your collision. In many cases, the physical effects of an accident don’t show up until days later, when you begin to feel a strained neck or injured back. When the adrenaline and excitement wear off after an accident, your body can feel like, well, it’s been in a car wreck. Then, you will realize your need for a competent St. Louis car accident attorney to secure the compensation that you will need to pay your past and future medical bills, which multiply rapidly.

As you search for a skilled firm of car accident lawyers, look for one that wins large settlements for its clients, not huge judgments for insurance companies. Similarly, don’t let an insurance company talk you into a rapid settlement that might not meet your full needs. These companies want to settle for as cheaply as possible and do not have your interests as a top priority. You could end up stuck with years of rehabilitation and surgery bills, as well as lost wages due to rehab appointments and surgery recovery.

Contact a St. Louis car accident attorney soon for a consultation and prevent your accident from turning into an ever-growing nightmare!


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